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Okay! If you are here it is likely that you are either: 1. scouting out my site ahead of a purchase, or 2. You ordered something and are wondering when it will arrive. But fear not! Listed below are some of the best details I could think to muster, and the most frequently asked questions regarding ship time. I have been in business since Late 2016, and my mission has stayed the same. To ship your order safely, securely, in a manner of the highest quality. Every order is bagged, sealed, and packed up nicely to minimize possible damage, whatever it may be. Thanks for coming to my Frisky talk.

At the current moment I am on a [tentative] 3~6 week ship time for all orders. This means your order could go out sooner, or later than the expected time depending on workload. I do my best i promise you! If you need an order for a gift, please email or DM me on insta! @frisky2feels



Hey all! I receive a good many emails per week regarding if an order as shipped or not, and about when it might ship or arrive. Thats perfectly fine! I love hearing from you guys & its my job to make sure you get what you ordered in a timely and safe fashion. As a friendly reminder, I am a one man shop. Whenever you DM me on Insta, facebook, email, you're speaking directly & soley to me. All designs, packages, orders, everything is done by me alone! So sometimes I do get bogged down, I apologize!

PLEASE NOTE: All sales are final. As stated in here, I am a one man team running a large show. Refunds are at my discretion, carrying a cancellation fee & generally will not be given just because an order is delayed. Thanks for understanding!

On the flip side, a lot of the questions could be answered here by laying out a solid info sheet regarding ship times. So here we go!

PRE-ORDERS: Typically, pre-orders will ship out within 3~4 weeks of placing the order. However, due to COVID, I have extended ship times to 3~5 weeks after purchase. Some domestic orders are taking up to a month to arrive! Although I would love to get your order to you sooner, pre-orders provide a very efficient way for vendors to sell work and not over order, thus giving us extra capital to invest in more products!

IN STOCK: Okay! The stickies you ordered are in stock! Woo! Typically, in stock orders go out within a week to a week & a half. However, sometimes (esp after conesecutive drops) I get very backed up, and orders can take up to 2-3 weeks to get out. Again with COVID, this can be delayed, i apologize!

IN HOUSE CUT VINYL: This is where its a little tricky! I cut all vinyl in house, and i keep a few of an item in stock, and cut the rest upon order. This allows me to not have vinyl sitting around warping & also to not waste. Most of the designs I sell are very intricate! Some of them take 20-30 minutes per cut to weed, and thats not counting the ones I get the whole way through and mess up >.>" I love cutting vinyl & making cool designs with it, it just takes me a little longer. For in house vinyl, I ask you allow 4~8 weeks upon ordering to receive a shipped email! 



Why do your ship times take longer than (insert vendor here)?

-I do not know the specifics of every other vendor out there, but i know exactly how I package my orders. Every order is packaged with care, double checked, placed in a water resistant baggie alongside cardstock to help resist bending once in the mail system. I truly take pride and care with packaging my orders, as I would want my own order packed the same. 

Can you give me an estimate on when my order will be shipped?

- I do not like to give specific ship ETA's (except in certain cases) aside from the current ship time. This keeps me from telling you a timeframe then possibly missing it :( Please check the current ship time quote.

Has my order shipped?

- All orders receive an email to the address on file when shipped. Sometimes they go to junk folders, and sometimes email domains will bounce emails they suspect are junk. 

How are orders shipped?

- Printed stickers/diecuts are normally shipped via envelope normal mail. All stickers come inside a water resistant poly bag to ensure your order gets to you with maximum protection! Any stickers that are larger or stated in the description will come tracked via USPS first class or greater.

My order was shipped 2 weeks ago & still hasn't arrived.

- Typically US orders arrive at their destinations within a week of being dropped off at USPS. Please note you receive an email after your order has been packed, it is usally dropped off a few days after with my weekly USPS trips.

My order never showed up, can you send replacements or a refund?

- In the past I have sent out replacements after a month of an order showing up, but as of Sept 2020, I now offer tracked shipping/rigid mailer as an option for $4.00. So I will not be offering replacements or refunds for lost orders when the tracking option (2-5 day) is available for half the price of a slap! Its nothing personal, it just gets hard to keep track of all the lost orders, and I urge everyone to use the tracked mailer/rigid option if you're worried, plus guarenteed 2-5 ship time once its shipped! All sales are final.

One or two of my stickers did not come in my order?

- Either one of two things has happened. Either 1. it was a mistake on my end, and it got missed. No biggie just toss me a DM or email, and i will right the situation! Or 2, the design was accidentally oversold (which happens) and in which case I have already refunded you for the sticker, and most likely included an extra for the inconvenience. 

I hope I was able to lay out ship times in an informative manner for you! If you have any questions about ship times, details on your order, or anything, don't be afraid to email me at [email protected], or DM me on IG @frisky2feels . Thanks all!

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