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How to peel

Hey everyone, from time to time I get an email or message from a customer who is having trouble peeling or applying my stickers. After finding out how it was peeled/applied it usually comes down to inproper technique! Who knew there was a technique to this stuff! So I'll briefly summarize the easiest application method:

1. Rub transfer tape a little (activate the tape via friction/heat)

2. Flip design upside down (design down & white backing paper up)

3. Peel the white backing paper away slowly at 180 degrees

4. Apply design over a dry, properly cleaned area (no cleaners, mineral spirits for glass or dawn dishsoap for paint)

5. Firmly rub design down (can use a squeegee)

6. Peel transfer tape back at 180 degrees

For further helps/tips please see the link below provided by the makers of the high quality tape I use!

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